Sunday, February 19, 2006

Book of the Month: Kiwis Might Fly by Polly Evans

Having read a survey that ‘claimed the ordinary Kiwi bloke was about to turn up the toes of his gumboots…and move to the city', Polly Evans decided to take a motorbike trip around New Zealand to find out for herself if this was true. Her quest - to find out if the ordinary Kiwi bloke had all but disappeared ?

So it was with great interested that I started reading Kiwis Might Fly. Polly, it turns out, is quite adventurous. How many of us, after all, would attempt to ride a powerful (650 cc) motorcycle around an unfamiliar country after only a few lessons at home on a much smaller (125 cc) motorcycle. Not me!

Content to sit in my comfortable armchair, I followed Polly as she learned how to master the beast (motorcycle) and searched for nearly extinct Kiwi bloke. What evolves is a laid back, laugh out loud road trip through New Zealand’s cities and countryside.

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