Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Zealand water makes a splash...

New Zealand water is free...if it comes out of the tap.

But bottle it up and send it overseas and it seems you can charge a fortune.

Apparently the Claridge, an expensive London hotel, thinks so. They have established a 'water menu' featuring 30 brands of bottled water from around the world. And New Zealand's 420 Volcanic is at the top of the list - as most expensive. Get this, you will pay $55NZ for 420 mls of pure New Zealand water...

Other New Zealand brands on the menu are cheaper. Waiwera and Antipodes brands sell at a mere $24NZ.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 resources to help plan an eco-friendly trip around New Zealand.

A Blog Action Day post:

Anyone considering a trip to New Zealand who look at ways to travel more environmentally friendly. Here's a few links to help you plan a greener trip...

Ecotours - links to over 100 ecotourism operators in New Zealand offering tours.

Organic Explorer - a resource guide/directory to eco-friendly places around New Zealand where you can stay, eat, sightsee and shop

Focus on New Zealand - looks at the role of nature and eco-tourism in New Zealand.

Green Globe NZ - collective of award-winning, unique, and innovative tourism operations demonstrating responsible behaviour.

New Zealand Eco-Wise Travel Guide complied by the Ministry of the Environment offering tips on how to be eco-wise and leave gentle footprints when travelling in New Zealand (or anywhere else)